Zoom!® Whitening Aftercare Tips

| August 19, 2019 |

Categories: Teeth Whitening

Unsightly yellow teeth are one of the biggest confidence killers when it comes to your smile.

Discover the Benefits of a Marietta Dental Spa for a Painless Visit

| August 12, 2019 |

Categories: Dentistry at East Piedmont

When most people think of a dentist’s office, a cold and clinical environment with harsh fluorescent lighting comes to mind. While this may ring true to your standard dental practice, dental spas[...]

What is TMJ Disorder and How Do You Treat It?

| August 05, 2019 |

Categories: TMJ

TMJ disorders describe persistent complications that occur within or around a person’s jaw. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, and while many people mistakenly refer to problems with the[...]

Is Invisalign Worth It?

| July 22, 2019 |

Categories: Invisalign

Invisalign clear aligners can correct a wide array of smile problems such as misalignment, under and overbites, crowding, and gaps in the teeth.

Taking Care of Your Tongue

| July 15, 2019 |

Categories: Dental Tips

We all know the importance of caring for your teeth daily, but many people ignore their tongues in their oral hygiene routine.

The Beauty of Cosmetic Dentistry

| July 08, 2019 |

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

As your Atlanta cosmetic dentist, Dentistry at East Piedmont knows first-hand that there are many benefits to cosmetic dentistry. We’ve gathered a list of some of the top reasons that cosmetic[...]

The Pros & Cons of Same-Day Crowns

| July 01, 2019 |

Categories: Crowns

From gooey impressions and irritating temporary crowns to having to free up your schedule for multiple appointments, the process of getting a crown can be a hassle. Thanks to advancements in[...]

Smile Makeover Transformation [Patient Case Study]

| June 24, 2019 |

Categories: Smile Makeover

As one of Marietta’s top cosmetic dentists, we frequently see patients who are concerned about how their smile looks.

Your Guide to Emergency Dental Care

| June 17, 2019 |

Categories: Dental Emergency

The difference between your common dental problem and a real dental emergency lies in how urgently the issue requires care.