Caring for Your Dental Implants

| January 21, 2020 |

Categories: Dental Implants

Though dental implants are permanent fixtures that do not decay, gum and bone surrounding the implants are still susceptible to deterioration. To ward off implant failure, supporting bone and gum[...]

DIY Teeth Whitening Dangers

| January 13, 2020 |

Categories: Teeth Whitening

Everyone dreams of having a dazzling smile, but not every method of achieving one is safe. With new health and beauty trends arising all the time and influencers pushing whitening products on the[...]

How to Care for Removable Dental Appliances

| January 06, 2020 |

Categories: Dental Tips

Not caring properly for your dental appliances can lower their lifespan and even lead to health complications. With cleaning and storage differing for specific removable oral devices, it can be[...]

Find the Right Floss for You

| December 30, 2019 |

Categories: General Dentistry

A thorough oral hygiene routine will include daily flossing. In fact, failing to floss regularly can result in a wealth of health complications, ranging from gingivitis to tooth loss. While the[...]

Oral Health and Your Overall Health

| December 23, 2019 |

Categories: General Dentistry

People tend to find themselves smiling more when they’re healthy, but that isn’t the only link between oral health and your overall wellness. Taking care of your teeth isn’t just a way to keep[...]

Dental Spa Update: Our New Office

| December 16, 2019 |

Categories: Dentistry at East Piedmont

Dentistry at East Piedmont has been providing the utmost quality of oral care to our Marietta patients since Dr. Patel founded our dental spa in 2001. We are excited to continue this same level of[...]

What Botox Can Do for You

| December 02, 2019 |

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ

Botox is one of the trendiest cosmetic treatments of the last decade, and with good reason! Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with miracle worker injections that essentially turn[...]

Teeth Whitening and Dental Restorations

| November 26, 2019 |

Categories: Teeth Whitening

Once you’ve fixed your teeth woes with veneers, dental implants, crowns, or dentures, you may want to go a step further into achieving the smile of your dreams by making them dazzle with whitening[...]

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

| November 18, 2019 |

Categories: Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth, as they provide a permanent, fully functional restoration that looks and feels just like real teeth. Unfortunately, many people are hesitant[...]