Ways to Stay Cavity-Free in the Holiday Season

Holiday Dental Health TipsIn more ways than one, the holiday season is the sweetest time of the year. If you’re not careful, holiday treats like candy canes and hot cocoa wreak havoc on your teeth.

The American Dental Association reports cavities occur when plaque sticks to a tooth and produces an acid that eats through the enamel, creating a hole.

To make sure your smile stays nice this season, consider the following holiday dental health tips:

Keep Up With Your Routine

The busier you are, the easier it is to let your regular habits slide. In between holiday gatherings and travel, don’t be naughty and neglect your smile! To prevent tooth decay and maintain your dental routine, brush twice a day and floss daily.

Limit Sticky Sweets

Maintaining a balanced diet is not only beneficial for your oral health, but for your mental and physical health as well.

Dark chocolate is better for your dental health than most candies because it has less sugar than milk chocolate and doesn’t stick to your teeth.

Types of treats to avoid:

  • Hard candies including candy canes
  • Sticky caramels, peppermint nougat and fudge
  • Sugary drinks such as eggnog and hot chocolate

Try limiting your holiday indulgences to just after, or during, a meal. That way, you won’t constantly be exposing your teeth to sugar and other harmful bacteria.

Always Be Prepared

Keep a pack of sugar-free gum handy. Chewing a stick of gum after sugary snacks increases saliva production, helping clean your teeth. In addition to removing sugar from the surface of your teeth, gum also keeps your breath minty fresh!

Rinse & Repeat

Another way to freshen your breath and reduce your risk of periodontal infection is by using antibacterial mouthwash daily. While it might seem backward, don’t forget to rinse with mouthwash before you brush. Otherwise, you’ll undo all the work of brushing your teeth.

If you’d like to learn more ways to care for your smile at home and stay cavity-free throughout the holiday season, or you’re interested in scheduling a new patient exam at Dentistry at East Piedmont, please reach out to us at (770) 321-5558.

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| November 27, 2017 |

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