Dr. Patel Delivers Dentistry to the Needy in the Himalayan Mountains

Dr Patel in IndiaI just got back from an incredible mission trip to the Himalayan mountains in North India with a group called the Flying Doctors of America! What an amazing group of people. 

We traveled to extremely remote villages along the India and Chinese border. The people that live in these areas are isolated from everywhere for six months of the year due to the weather. There were 4 doctors and 4 dentists and we took all of our own drugs and dental equipment.

Dentistry work India

Child in India

Dr Patel helping in IndiaChild in dentist IndiaIndia Mountains

I took out about 400 teeth. Obviously not cosmetic dentistry!

India MountainsDr Patel with Children in IndiaDentist Office in IndiaSometimes the clinics were set up in remote community centers and sometimes we just did the extractions outside as you see in the photos here. It was truly rewarding giving back to people that didn't have anything in the world. They were all so appreciative and generous.

We ended the trip in Dharamsala India where the exiled Dalai Lama lives. We didn't get to see him but we did get to spend some time at his temple. I am truly blessed to have been able to take this trip and next year hope to set up my own and go back to India to Gujrat which is the state my grandparents are from.

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